Buttock augmentation by micro fat grafting

Published: 03rd April 2007
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Recent medical studies have shown that buttock augmentation by micro fat grafting - known in the field of plastic surgery as the "Brazilian butt lift" - is a safe, simple procedure aiming at remodeling buttocks in order to offer a more appealing appearance. A surgeon who is leading the way in the successful use of this cosmetic procedure is San Francisco's Dr. Scott W. Mosser. His openness to accurately informing his patients about the stages of the procedure and his prior experience in the field of cosmetic surgery are a guarantee of his professionalism.

Compared with silicone implant placement (now approved by the USFDA) in this high-stress region of the gluteus maximus muscle, the advantages of micro fat grafting include greater flexibility in the size and placement of augmentations, less pain and faster recovery, and less risk of long-term complications. In addition, because the fat grafting procedure takes place by applying a particularly meticulous "microlipofilling" technique, up to 70-80% of the fat will survive long-term.

In California's San Francisco Bay Area, buttock augmentation and reshaping has been a procedure performed by plastic surgeons for many years, generally as part of an overall body re-sculpturing approach. California ideals and emphasis on fitness and health have always placed an increasing importance on what Board-Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott W. Mosser calls the "gluteal aesthetic unit", or buttocks area of the female shape.

Recently, though, Dr. Mosser has seen an increased demand for a specific shape - a higher, more rounded contour of the buttocks generally called the "Brazilian butt lift". San Francisco may not be Brazil, but whether triggered by the rising popularity of South American beauties, the famous Brazilian thong swimsuit, or simply changing tastes in feminine beauty, San Francisco plastic surgeon Dr. Scott W. Mosser is scheduling a greater number than ever of female patients demanding buttock augmentation.

Increasing numbers of plastic surgery patients from California and around the United States have heard about Dr. Mosser's expertise in liposuction and fat transfer and his use of the micro fat injection technique in the micro fat grafting procedures to achieve amazing permanent results by relocating a patient's own body fat. This procedure ideally suits the achieving of buttock augmentation in the form of the "Brazilian butt lift".

A noted Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Mosser performs a full range of advanced plastic surgery procedures at several locations in San Francisco. You may register for plastic surgery procedures at his office, at 450 Sutter Street on Union Square, as well as at the California Pacific Medical Center and St. Mary's Medical Center in San Francisco.

You need to make sure you benefit from the assistance of a qualified surgeon who can offer you recommendations all throughout the cosmetic procedure stages, from the moment you first schedule a consultation to the moment of the procedure as such. Staying adequately informed with what your body will undergo during the procedure is the best way of making a decision.

A consultation with Dr. Mosser will arm you with all the facts you need to make an informed decision and, together with you, he will choose the buttock augmentation option that best suits your body type and goals. You can be confident of achieving a successful outcome to realistic expectations with a procedure involving micro fat grafting.

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